About US

"Greensteam" is a brand which is now going to change the thinking of people about car wash. Greensteam is an ISO-9001 certified registered company located at Mangalore city which is recognized as an eco friendly and 100% chemical free auto detailing business. Green Steam first introduced the door step steam car wash concept in the city where the cleaning unit travels in a specially equipped vehicle to steam your car at the comfort of your location. We introduced innovative and advanced technology of steam cleaning with the idea of ozone sterilization which sterlize the interior of your car with complete deodorization. Steam car wash is always an expensive technology to operate but because of our esteemed customer support we are operating at par with conventional water wash price at your door step.

Greensteam service is now available at Calicut.

Why Steam Wash

Steam car wash is a world wide accepted technology because of its unique advantage. High steam pressure and heat combined technology together make your car instant clean without any chemical use which will guarantee car paint life. A complete solution for water saving which consumes only 5 litres of water for cash wash which will do interior and exterior without producing any waste water.

Why Ozone Sterilization

Ozone sterilization technology is a well accepted technology in healthcare and water purification industry.We first introduced this concept in car interior Sterilization which offers 100% sterile environment inside your car. Moreover Ozone technology offers 100% deodorization inside your car including your car AC Vent which is the main cause of vomiting sensation while driving.

We are an ISO – 9001 Certified Company.